Panther Challenge JV Tournament 2019


                                                        Saturday - January 19, 2019

All matches will be held at Kingwood Park High School.

                        Game Field  (field turf)                                       Practice Field (grass)

9:00am        Summer Creek vs Kingwood Park                   Atascocita vs Huntsville  
10:00am      Shadow Creek vs Klein Collins                      Lumberton vs Tomball Memorial
11:00am      Kingwood Park vs Klein Collins                        Tomball Memorial vs Atascocita 
12:00pm      Summer Creek vs Shadow Creek                     Huntsville  vs Lumberton
1:00pm        Kingwood Park vs Shadow Creek                   Atascocita  vs Lumberton
2:00pm        Klein Collins vs Summer Creek                        Tomball Memorial  vs Huntsville 

3:00pm        2nd place Pool A v 2nd place Pool B                4th place Pool B v 4th place Pool A
4:00pm        1st place Pool A v 1st place Pool B                   3rd place Pool B v 3rd place Pool A

Point System
Win = 6pts
Goals = 1pt each (max of 3)
Shutout = 1pt
Tie = 2pts

No shootouts until final round of matches

Pool A Gm 1 pts Gm 2 pts Gm 3 pts  Totals Place

Klein Collins

Shadow Creek

Summer Creek

Pool B Gm 1 pts Gm 2 pts Gm 3 pts  Totals Place



Tomball Mem.

  • American Challenge
  • CAD Restoration Services LLC
  • Material Wonders